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Pet Immigration

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Pet Immigration


Want to travel or emigrate but don't want to leave your beloved pet? Our professional one-stop pet import and export service allows you to easily bring your beloved pet to immigration or travel. After choosing our service, we will handle import and export documents, quarantine, delivery and other procedures for the owner in one stop. On the day of transportation, the owner can easily send off the pet at the departure place and greet the pet at the destination, eliminating all the complicated processes.


Why us?

Our veterinary team can provide professional and reliable services for our hosts, and our one-stop service can directly provide customers with procedures for document processing, quarantine testing, and transportation, thus reducing the owner's troubles. Our prices are clearly stated. When customers choose our services and confirm the detailed quotation service, we will not charge or increase any charges confirmed in the quotation during the processing process.


Our professional pet immigration services can provide the following types:

* Provide consulting, opinions, planning and overall consignment services* Standard aviation cage recognized by international organization IPATA* Handle various types of animal licenses, permits, and documents related to entry and exit of various countries* All preparations before departure, providing and arranging various veterinary treatments, medical examinations, animal health certificates, vaccinations, vaccines, blood tests, internationally recognized laboratories, government inspections, quarantine and isolation arrangements, etc.* Provide comprehensive services for handling immigration procedures in various countries, airport transfers, delivery, registration, customs clearance procedures, government quarantine, customs inspection, isolation venues, foster care accommodation and the entire delivery process, etc.* Provide different types of pick-up services (gateway or point-to-point, etc.)


Fee collection method:

After confirming the selection of our service, we will charge 50% of the total cost. When we complete the preparations for immigration, on the day of pet departure, we will collect the remaining amount and transport the pet to the relevant destination.Due to different destinations, different entry requirements and different fees, we can provide customers with simple quotations for free to facilitate customers to choose, because the requirements of each guest will be different, the price of simple quotations may be different from the actual charge Not the same (the actual charges are subject to the detailed quotation issued by the company), and our quotation is valid for one month each time.